The Quickset


Are you tired of missing that first bite and never having the opportunity for the fish to come back for the second bite, or just missing the fish altogether when you set the hook? If so, The Quickset is for you! The Quickset allows you to automatically set the hook from an un-attended fishing rod from a bank, boat or dock. The Quickset is perfect for fishing day or night on the lake, river, surf or ice. The Quickset's design is fully adjustable for almost any type of fishing or fish, from the softest bite to the hard hit of a big cat.

Forget about using bells, buzzers, and light sticks that let you know you just missed the bite, The Quickset hooks the fish on the first bite. Day or night never miss another bite!

Hello Left
    "Best invention since the fishing reel"

Recent Testimonials: 1) "Works great. No misses. Landed a 41lb flathead on the first try" 2) "caught 28 cats on the first day" 3) "YOU HAVE A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT, I LOVE THE ONE I HAVE" 4) "I HOOKED MORE FISH THAN I EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD!" 5) "BEST INVENTION SINCE THE FISHING REEL" 6) "Fishing the Mississippi River and caught 3 out of 4 bites" 7) "it's the 'NO GUT HOOK' MIRACLE" 8) "Hook Setter works great, will be happy to advertise to my friends" 9) "Product works really well, bought more" 10) "awesome product, works wonderfully"

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Price: $6.95 usd
Shipping&Handling: $2.50 usd
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Made in the USA (Patent Pending)